Heal Country Based Trauma


Heal Country Based Trauma

If you plant a flower and it does not blossom do you blame the flower or the environment? You most likely blame the environment, right? So if you are not thriving in your geographical location you need to ask yourself three vital questions about your environment.

  • Does my location i.e environment help me to thrive in work/ love life/ or health?
  • Am I generating money from the place I live?
  • Do the leaders and people of this place have the same vision and mission as me?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then congratulations you have found your geographical location or space and you don't need to read any further.

However, if the answer is no to all or even one then it's time to heal that relationship with the country i.e geographical location. We will not go into what healing the relationship is, what is more, tangible are the effects of healing the relationship. Healing the relationship means 

  1. You find peaceful places within the country 
  2. You enjoy its people and culture in the big picture 
  3. The food and the weather are compatible with your body 
  4. You thrive emotionally, financially and relationship-wise. 

So how can this happen, how can you heal a country-based trauma or incompatibility?

Energy vortex locations have existed since the beginning of time. These geographical locations help us transform our consciousness, alter the way we think and can give us the energy to act differently by thus raising our consciousness to a place where we are compatible with the country we live in. By visiting these locations we gain spiritual growth, and blessings or achieve miracles through the additional energy we acquire. However, visiting them in a country we reside in helps us not just in spiritual growth but to heal the trauma that has affected our perception of finding the blessings or energy we need in a particular country. In most cases, we are not able to see the blessings of a particular country because we are attached to a form of hate and pride.

Hate is a deep feeling that wishes another object, person or situation should not exist.

Pride on the surface appears as “I am better” but in reality, it's a deep insecurity whose support action is "I overdo to prove that I am better." This mental state have you battling the reality or country you live in, rather than embracing the culture and adapting to find means of income, loving relationships and live a healthy lifestyle in its environment. 

So where are those energy vortex locations and how can you find them? First, let's look scientifically at what energy vortex locations are. Today's science looks for an explanation within the electronic magnetic field because vortex locations are places that either receive energy or emit energy from the earth into the cosmos. It's this wave of energy that affects us on a cellular, conscious and spiritual level. Today those who are spiritual use the phrase energy vortex location, but originally they were called shrines, or sacred sites. 

Energy vortex locations are seen as sacred sites and they are inherited through time. What are the criteria for a sacred site? Some sites have been old temples built to symbolise victory over something or to commemorate an event, and now that place until the end of time carries that energy for example, Mount Sinai, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Mecca, Jerusalem etc…. Other sites have saint bodies buried in them or a place where a very spiritual person lived and performed a miracle.

All energy vortex locations follow or unfold in some sacred geometry pattern and each has a unique effect on us. Visiting an energy vortex location requires preparation, and each shrine has a unique ritual based on its energy.

Once you arrive at the energy vortex location there are also different practices that you can do to connect to the energy, also some vortexes are time sensitive and have different impacts at different times. 

It's important to know how to maximise the energy in sacred sites and use it to aid our spiritual transformation. Stay tuned to part two of energy vortex locations...

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