Course In Wisdom

Course In Wisdom


Wisdom is the power to alter our mind, to shift our perspective and see life for what it truly is.

Course in Wisdom is the key to getting wiser in relationships, money, health and in your ability to manifest your desires. It is a game changer that unlocks the necessary tools governing the physical reality.


Why should you register?

So here you come with your baggage, childhood issues, trauma, change, disappointment and unfulfilled needs. Loneliness, sadness, depression, anxiety, boredom, confusion, fear. Aren’t these emotions only a mental state?


TRUE, but not only…

Loneliness stays single

Sadness has no energy

Depression has given up 

Anxiety has no friendships

Boredom overeats

Fear justifies excuses


Learn why every rejection is a redirection. How the universe is divinely speaking its own language to guide you towards every dream and hope that you have. Understand that there are no coincidents in life. Trust that every person is a messenger helping you reach your destination.


While you sit, every now and then you wonder what’s the purpose of all of this? Juggling between the emptiness and the euphoria, we have to decode the thought of creation. When you understand the thought of creation you can align yourself to it and the consistency and motivation that suddenly engulf your life.


Course in Wisdom will show you the entire blueprint of self-transformation and how much you are able to level-up to the game of life. Shift your conscioucness towards more positive thoughts and actions starting today.


Through this course you will learn to tap into your soul’s voice as it guides you to your highest purpose.


Witness real results for the life you deserve, aspire to have and desire.  


Remove the chaos from your relationships and start experiencing a peaceful orderly life


Gain more control over your emotions and outcomes


Have a broader vision of how things are connected globally and on an individual level


Break the repetitive patterns and overcome your struggles


Get the most out of life!




Things you will learn


The power to pause and how to shift perspective


Why we face challenges and how they help us achieve our potential


Parallel destiny and how to trick fate into getting what we want


Making long-term decisions 


Understanding our soul and what it knows

The intelligence of pain

The power of surrendering in creating miracles






Meet the trainer



Jana Sharaf AKA Jana S Khalife is the founder of the House of Wisdom Center, a center focused on improving lives through a holistic all rounded approach which encompass the body, mind and spirit. Jana Sharaf has been teaching Course in Wisdom since 2011 in the UK, Bulgaria and Lebanon. This course is her passion simply because it is this course that has changed her life, shaped her destiny and gave her purpose.


Its with this enthusiasm that she comes to every class, were the wisdom is not prepared but intuitively channeled to cater for the audience ensuring that each person receives the Devine message they need.


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