Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom


“What Money Cannot buy, Lots of Money Can”

Are you 22 to 40 years old? A business owner, employee and/or innovator?

What are you looking for?

Is it practical everyday tools and techniques to achieve Financial Freedom?

Or is it creative and innovative solutions to the current norms?

Perhaps a creative shift in perspective?

Or simply additional sources of income?

Everybody values money, financial independence and of course access to a better lifestyle! Right?

The future is full of abundant rich lifestyles. More security and generally a larger and better life. No one wants to waste his time, money and effort on wrong investments!

I hear you!! So you need additional skills, mental support and motivation and most importantly a network of opportunities. And that is what Financial Freedom is all about!  

Financial Freedom will impact your self-development, spirituality, ethical business perspective and work-life balance. Now you are ready to manifest and attract more.

The new norm is upon us and “Work Equals Pay” has a deeper meaning. We also see the demand for a different mindset accompanied by a different skill set. We are now at a junction of trying to figure out how to create abundance and a work-life balance within the new business model. Part of that, is our need for a holistic approach to making more money.

You are the GDP! You are the "life in lifestyle". Grasp that which will propel you forward and leave behind the old you, the fearful doubtful you.

So what will you do? Attend university with a system lacking real-life tools? Or adopt the DIY and lose time and money? Of course not!!

Sign up now for a certified Financial Freedom course and fulfil your soul and mind with practical tools that actually yield results!

The course is divided into three segments:  

The Spiritual cure

Essence of money

What is money and where it comes from  

Relationships and money

Disease-related to money

The Mental framework   

Achieving a growth mindset

Finding opportunities

Shifting perspective

Creating affirmations

The Physical action   

Discover your unique gifts

Turn your hobby into a money-making business 

Start your own side business

Ask for your value


Manage your project  

Market your self

Reach non-verbal communication

Tools and techniques to gain Financial Freedom

In-house opportunities for Financial Freedom through a vast online and in-person community

Access to a work location with financial coaching

Course Length: 8 hours of interactive hybrid study

8 hours of independent work preparation

1-hour private meeting with your mentor

Starting November 1, 2022, every Tuesday at 7pm

You can become a financial coach certified from the UK

Or sign up for your self-development at a discounted price

For more details contact: +961 3 762233

About the trainer

Jana Sharaf AKA Jana S Khalife is the founder of the House of Wisdom Center, a center focused on improving lives through a holistic all rounded approach which encompass the body, mind and spirit. She is the creator of “Financial Freedom Techniques” which include unique meditations to unlock your financial blockages, sharpen your financial perspective and empower you with everyday practical life skills.  

Jana has worked with different clients from the UK, Bulgaria, Middle East and Lebanon giving her a well rounded understanding of real life challenges that hinder financial freedom. A true pioneer for all who want to achieve financial freedom and are ready to stop the excuses. Simply because what  money cannot buy, lots of money can!





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