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By donating to the House of Wisdom Center, your money is spent according to the spiritual essence that enriches the 4 major levels of your soul. This truly heals your and the world's relationship with money.

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Money is energy and you are its manager. It is a gift on loan from the Creator to bring you joy and fulfilment. Once we take ownership of our money, we cut off its energy from the source of the Creator. Another mistake we do with money is thinking it is limited. We often believe there is only so much we are able to gain, earn, or achieve. The Light of the Creator is endless, and we are created to receive endless blessings.
Money is a gift that is meant to be shared. Once we understand that money is a gift from the Creator, we must ask ourselves, “Why did the Creator give this to me?” Yes, we are meant to enjoy our money, but we are also meant to share it.
Appreciation expands what we have, based on the teaching “If you are grateful, I will surely increase My favours to you” from the Holy Quran.

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