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Tool of Protection from Evil Eye

For some it is an attachment to the physical world, for others, it is a talisman of protection, an omen of prosperity while still others consider it something to hang on to at times of sadness. Whatever the case is, for thousands of years, men, women and children ..

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Heal Country Based Trauma

If you plant a flower and it does not blossom do you blame the flower or the environment? You most likely blame the environment, right? So if you are not thriving in your geographical location you ne..

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The gift to a social cage

Gifts don't come cheap, and the hidden messages are bribes. Every gift regardless of the occasion labels you and places you in a category of expectations and asks you to sacrifice a dream, a love, a relationship, or a pur..

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House of Wisdom is a Lebanese registered NGO. The NGO constitutes of trustees who are responsible for the management of the space and the regulations of the space. The House of Wisdom teaches wisdom in a practical, friendly and transformative way.