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For some it is an attachment to the physical world, for others, it is a talisman of protection, an omen of prosperity while still others consider it something to hang on to at times of sadness. Whatever the case is, for thousands of years, men, women and children have adorned themselves with protective objectives that reflect their culture and religious believes. Many sages teach us to detach ourselves from the materialistic world and instead put our trust only in the unseen creator. However, as soon as we become believers and elevated spiritual souls, the first thing we do is seek protective gadgets to shield ourselves from any harm.

Red Garnet

The candid truth behind talismans and other spiritual gadgets.

All objects carry within them the intention for which they were created for. If a person puts a specific intention into the creation of an object, then that object will not only carry that energy within but will also affect the person who willingly receives or purchases it.

What are the different ornaments and talismans?

There are as many different ornaments and talismans as there are different people. The design, raw material and fabric distinguishes each ornament or talisman. But what sets each item further apart, is the energy and intuition infused into it. Different frequencies and strengths of vibrations also have a big effect on the talismans and ornaments.

But do all ornaments from random shops have the same effect?

These ornaments such generally do not work because the intention of the maker is purely symbolic. But the good news is that you can still purchase them and energize them with a specific intention just like we do with crystals.

What about the Red String from the House of Wisdom Center?

We are all inter-connected; fine thin threads of energy connecting us to everything around us from people’s intentions to objects and their energies. Though invisible to the naked eye, these interconnecting threads unite us all and allow us to receive and give energy. The House of Wisdom Center uses the Red String, which is an ancient tool, that connects us to a specific consciousness so we can receive that intention behind the string when it was originally tied. The Biblical Story behind the Red String is centered around Rachel who is Prophet Jacob’s wife and the mother of Prophet Joseph. Believed to be the mother of protection for all, Rachel’s tomb sits on the border between the division in the Holy Land. After losing her son Joseph who was sold into slavery in Egypt, Rachel fell to her death while giving birth to her second son, Benjamin. Her love and sacrifice for her children, make her tomb a very powerful center of consciousness for protection against evil. Evil eye is at the root of all evil and can be simplified as the separation from the whole. In simpler terms, it is that feeling of lacking what you desire but seeing it in others; the jealousy from others for the things they have but you don’t. The Red String is a reminder that we are all connected to this energy of unity that Rachel represents. That energy of interconnection where there is no place for lack since when you are connected to the whole, you are in unity and you lack nothing. This energy is embodied within the Red String which protects its wearer from the evil eye. Karen Berg often speaks about the strength of multiple threads being joined together and how they become an unbreakable force. In the same way, when we connect so many people to the same string it becomes a very powerful force of connection.

The Red String’s significance within different cultures

The concept of the red string has various interpretations and cultural significances across different societies. Here are a few notable examples:

1. Chinese and East Asian Culture: In Chinese folklore and East Asian cultures, the red string, often referred to as the "red thread of fate," is believed to be a spiritual connection between two people, typically lovers or soulmates. It symbolises their destined bond and the idea that they are connected regardless of time, place, or circumstances. It is believed that these connected individuals will eventually meet and fulfil their destined relationship.

2. Kabbalah and Jewish Tradition: In Kabbalistic teachings within Jewish tradition, the red string is worn as a symbol of protection and warding off evil. It is believed to guard against negative energies and protect the wearer from harm or misfortune. The string is often worn around the wrist, sometimes tied in a specific pattern or with specific prayers.

3. Hinduism and Buddhism: In some Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the red string represents a sacred thread that is blessed by a priest and tied around a person's wrist during religious ceremonies or rituals. It is believed to bring spiritual protection, blessings, and good luck.

4. Modern Symbolism: In recent years, the red string has gained popularity as a symbolic accessory worn for various reasons. It can represent love, connection, and destiny between individuals. Additionally, it has become a symbol of support and solidarity for various causes, such as raising awareness for important social issues or health conditions.

Ultimately, the significance of the red string can vary greatly based on culture, beliefs, and personal interpretations. It holds a special meaning for those who embrace its symbolism and cultural heritage. However from the perspective of the House Of Wisdom all the above are the same essence of thinking looked at from different angles.

How is the red string made?

The House of Wisdom Center sources its Red String from the authentic 100% pure wool that was rotated around Rachel’s tomb on her death anniversary ensuring maximum energy and intention. It is then packed and bought from second party retailers. When a person buys the Red String, it is recommended that a spiritual teacher ties the Red String for them seven times to provide protection on the seven levels of consciousness while injecting a powerful intention and prayer.

What are the criteria of a successful Red String?

One of the main criteria is the material of the Red String which is in direct contact with your skin and is visible to the naked eye. The string’s raw material is natural wool since natural fibres have higher frequencies. Another criteria is that the Red String be tied by a person who cares and loves you and who has attained a high level of Consciousness. The Red String should be tied on your left wrist.

Is the Red String the only string?

There are several colored strings that affect the House of Wisdom students. The Red String is for protection against evil eye while the Green String brings on the energy of healing through unity and helps with the power of manifestation through oneness. As with the Red String, the Green String was originally tied to Prophet Abraham’s tomb but following the architectural division of the tomb, this has become nearly impossible in big quantities. However, many Shiaa Muslims still do this with the tombs of Ahlul Beit as they believe that they are directly connected to Prophet Abraham. Black or White Strings are for mystical dimensions. However, Black Strings cannot be sourced since they are connected to the tomb of Jesus’s mother, the Virgin Mary, and tying a big roll of black string there is not possible. No other colors are viewed to have similar impactful energies.


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