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Soul’s Journey is a unique course that examines the theory of reincarnation through the lens of the Abrahamic faiths and offers practical tools that help you overcome fears, unexplained health conditions and repetitive patterns.


This course is the first of its kind to bridge the path between spirituality and psychology by showing you how your past – and not only as past life but as your general past including your parents and grandparents – still impact the way you behave psychologically in your everyday modern life.


This course will show you how to free yourself from your past, how to enjoy a better future and how to overcome any hurdle that you keep facing.

Practical Tools:

This course includes:

What to expect:


ELevate your spiritual journey

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Your Mentor

Jana Sharaf

Jana Sharaf is the founder of the House of Wisdom Center where she gives classes and workshops on the body-mind-spirit self-development based on Abrahamic mysticism. Jana is a psychologist from Oxford University and a peace mediator who is also specialized in the Abrahamic teachings of spirituality and the relationship between the soul, mind and the body.

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