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Elevate your spirit by embarking on a journey with us to delve into the energies of the week and master the art of channeling them in your daily life. Immerse yourself in transformative workshops, enrich your being with soul-nourishing meditations, and explore profound spiritual teachings that offer tangible benefits. Our classes seamlessly weave in ancient wisdom, offering profound insights into harnessing the energy of each week and skillfully navigating life’s opportunities, all while gaining a deeper understanding of the spiritual laws that shape the universe.

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Energy of the Week

Monday 25 March || Letting Go

  1. How do I let go of the outcome?

Monday 1 April || Gratitude

Monday 8 April || The Purpose of life

Monday 15 April || Power of Words

Monday 22 April || Limits are an illusion

Monday 29 April ||

Monday 6 May ||

Monday 13 May ||

Navigate Life's Opportunities

Unlock your potential, master the art of daily energy management, and embrace spiritual growth with our transformative Monday Workshop series – enroll now to start your journey!


Your Mentor

Jana Sharaf

Jana Sharaf is the founder of the House of Wisdom Center where she gives classes and workshops on the body-mind-spirit self-development based on Abrahamic mysticism. Jana is a psychologist from Oxford University and a peace mediator who is also specialized in the Abrahamic teachings of spirituality and the relationship between the soul, mind and the body.

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